Southern California Society of Child

& Adolescent Psychiatry

Welcome from the President

Welcome to the Southern California Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Our mission is multifold, as we strive to support child psychiatry as well as the children and families of Southern California. Our purpose includes:

-Community & networking opportunities for Southern California Child Psychiatrists
-Advocacy for children and families with mental health
-Advocacy for child psychiatrists to solidify our ability to provide quality care
-Support for Cal-ACAP (state) & AACAP (national) organizations


We encourage members to join us at the SCSCAP events held throughout the year:

-Annual Members’ Brunch

     A gathering in late summer for all SCSCAP members.

-Joint SCPS/SCSCAP Meeting

     An educational meeting addressing topics that affect both adult and child psychiatrists.

-AACAP Annual Conference

     The national meeting for child psychiatrists.

-Annual Speaker Meeting

     A notable speaker is invited to present a topic of interest.

-Advocacy Day Conferences (State and National)

     Child psychiatrists and our non-profit partners (NAMI, LETS, etc) descend on Sacramento and Washington DC to promote Child Psychiatry and to lobby congress to address mental health reform. (One in Fall and one in Spring)


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We look forward to an eventful 2023 – 2024 year. We welcome suggestions and feedback, and we are always looking for ways to get more of our colleagues involved. We hope to see you this year at the events!



Misty Richards, MD

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist